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When the twoyearold

Love to parents At this age it is easier to cope with children.About years boys and girls reach in the development of that stage when the father and mother seem to them the most wonderful people on light.They do a set of compliments to the parents, want in everything on them to resemble, do that they do, also to put on, use the same words and expressions in conversation.When the twoyearold girl wants to sweep, imitating mother, it is attracted more by a brush.But when the fiveyearold girl puts on in a mother's dress she wants to look as mother, and to feel as mother.

The undivided

Undivided attention Undivided attention it not only visual or physical contact.Both that, and another we will speak about them in chapter do not demand from parents of special efforts.And the undivided attention demands.The undivided attention demands time, and sometimes there is a lot of.Sometimes it means that you should postpone the affairs when the teenager needs such attention.Parents, as a rule, less all are inclined to go on the similar victims.The undivided attention is such moment when your attention completely and undividedly belongs to your child and it feels sincerely favourite, realizes the importance and feels care, approval and respect of you.

But here

Also does it it, putting into practice those principles which we already discussed: unconditional love, contact of an eye in eyes, a tender physical touch, close attention.The need for it arises at the girl in two years, but with age it amplifies and becomes vital for full emotional development in years.But here in what a problem: as the girl grows, the father feels more and more awkwardly, Trying to express her the love, especially at the age of years.Then, when to it it is essential it is necessary, to the father everything more difficult and more painful openly to show the tender feelings, especially uncertainly he makes physical contact.

Too tie some

If you at once lift the thrown subject, the child considers that it is game for two, and it brings it into even bigger delight.Therefore it is better to select the subjects thrown by it never at once.Lower the child on a floor when he starts having a good time thus.Tie its favourite toys to a bed a rope cm long in longer rope the child can get confused.Too tie some toys to a carriage.Of course, it is not pleasant to you that he throws out food on a floor.But it will hardly start it doing before is sated.

What form

What form of discipline the most suitable?At the following meeting Tom told me: I remember a case, I was years old.Even now to me offensively to remember it, and sometimes this reminiscence simply enrages me.I unintentionally broke a window a ball; I awfully worried and even hid in the wood until mother found me.It was so a shame to me, I remember how cried, I felt that behaved very badly.When to the father returned from work, mother told him about a window, and he cut me.

These poor

We have with it difficulties, and we would like to receive council.These poor parents usually misunderstand: interrelation between love and discipline; value of discipline.Usually in representation of tutors and parents the love is separated from discipline as though it is two absolutely independent phenomena.It is not surprising that parents have a confusion and complications in attempts to control behavior of the child.The parents mixing such things usually consider that the discipline means punishment for some flogging.

In them it is more

Blankets.The quantity of blankets depends on climate and a season.Blankets have to be lungs.It is best of all to use knitted woolen scarfs or an easy flannel.In them it is more convenient to wrap the child and you will be able to put so many layers, how many it is necessary according to temperature.In a frigid climate it is better to have purely woolen or synthetic blankets, as they the warmest and easy.Flannelette diapers are not need, but in them it is convenient to wrap the child who always throws off a blanket or likes to sleep spelenuty see section .

Get to yourself

But this method almost does not give effect.The most certain way to provide sufficient humidity of air to maintain room temperature within °.Then you should not care of humidity.Buy the reliable room thermometer check its correctness.Get to yourself the rule to look at the thermometer several times a day.As soon as temperature rises higher than °, switch off heating system.At first it will seem to you excess house care, but having lived within several weeks at a temperature of °, you will feel not very well in the room, where hot.

The real

It is extremely important to study in detail all set of symptoms because one or two can not be the real depression.The real depression is the biochemical and nevrogormonalny process which is usually slowly developing in an organism of the teenager and capable to last for weeks and months.Before we pass to the characteristic of specific symptoms of a teenage depression, it is necessary to specify that it can be also expressed and typical symptoms of an adult depression, including feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, despondency or despair, problems with a dream drowsiness or sleeplessness, with appetite raised or lowered, with addition of weight or weight loss, shortage of energy, decrease in selfrespect, difficulty in management of anger.

And other

Day through two after you will start giving porridge, it will become clear to you as your child treats it.One children as if solve about themselves so: It something strange to taste, but nutritious and I will eat it.In some days they absolutely get used to porridge and reach mouths for each spoon, as baby birds in a nest.And other children the next day resolve that they will not eat it.For the third day porridge is pleasant to them even less.Be not upset!If you try to force the child is porridge against his will, he will resist even more desperately.

There is a big difference

It will not be difficult for them to learn how to make Christ the center of the family relations.Parents in such family should not resort to lectures and threats as children will want to follow the example of parents.To that we teach our children In this book I devoted a whole chapter to how to accustom the child to discipline see below, here I want to consider a question how to teach children to distinguish kindly from the evil.There is a big difference between discipline and education.Accustoming the child to discipline, we pay the main attention to his behavior while bringing up it, we place emphasis on moral questions.

Often orange

In this case transition from fresh to powdered milk as the more long the food cooks helps, the probability of an allergy is less.When powdered cow's milk does not help, powdered goat milk can help.Occasionally it is necessary to refuse in general the real milk and to pass to artificial, prepared from soybeans.Often orange juice happens the reason of an allergy.At strong eczema at the children receiving various food, the doctor on one excludes different products from a diet.If eczema does not recover and proceeds in a heavy form, the doctor can define an irritant by means of injections of different types of food.

Having made

They drew such conclusion because their mothers and fathers were not strict with them at all and all allowed them.Teenagers have to bear responsibility for the behavior.Having made a good act, they have to feel on themselves its positive consequences and after behave incorrectly and irresponsibly, respectively negative.These consequences have to be honest, direct and not depend because, what feelings at this moment storm in parents.And again I will repeat that it is extremely important to parents to control myself.

Thus try to say words

.It is necessary to tell simple words and phrases to the kid about everything that consider worthy his attention.Thus try to say words distinctly, intonatsionno to distinguish from them main and minor.It is desirable to build offers competently, differently the juvenile simulator will successfully master all your words parasites and popular speech, is unprofitable distinguishing informal conversation from the literary.Start reading gradually to the child simple children's verses, watch that he listened to you.

Fig. Try, find

But after

Therefore mother, so rigidly is so aggressive and unhappy and the father convinced is irreconcilably adjusted that the child mother because she was not engaged in it dismissed.To hope for an embodiment of dream of the boy, on reunion of this collapsed family under one roof would be probably and really it is not realistic.But after all it is possible to feel the community and living separately.The boy needs both parents; he feels safe when they together when they are not at enmity, but unite even if and in alarm for its health.


When the child does not manage to satisfy his emotional hunger, the parent feels having the right to punish him.The child abuse is extreme extent of shift of roles, but to some extent such shift is characteristic for all parents.Usually it occurs when ourselves feel bad physically or emotionally.It can be a depression, a physical indisposition, emotional or physical exhaustion.At this time we do not have enough forces to give emotional support to the child.In this it is especially difficult for us to look time, heavy for us, often to it in the face with love, to touch it with tenderness, to pay it close attention.

Ask children

Before occupation put on a table of all heroes of the fairy tale a figure of desktop puppet theater.Close them a beautiful scarf.Sing a chicken song: Tototo!Ask children who calls them.Chicken.Ask children to sing together with you a chicken song.Suggest them to approach a table, imitating walking of a chicken wagging with wings.Lift a scarf.Ask children to consider the guests who hid under a scarf, to call them and to tell, from what fairy tale they came.Ask children, whether the fairy tale about Ryabu's chicken is pleasant to them.

It is difficult

IT IS NECESSARY TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OWN ANGER In chapters and we said how it is not necessary to handle anger.Now time came to talk about that, properly to handle it.The first step is readiness to assume responsibility for the anger.It is difficult because all of us are inclined to accuse someone or something that angered me and to dump them responsibility for the acts made by us in the angered state.Unfortunately, most of people use anger as a justification of any act or property of character.


Development of thinking.Suggest to consider attentively the picture Tea table fig..Ask the child to tell, what subject is not ware.Suggest to close an excess subject a firtree paw.Ask the child to call ware subjects in a word.Ask for what each subject of ware is necessary a cup, a saucer, a teapot.Suggest the child to explain why he so considers.Global reading.Put before the child a box with the cards corresponding to names of characters father, mother, Mishutka.

The arteries

The more the mammary gland, the it makes the most part fatty tissue.In the course of pregnancy mammary glands develop and increase.The arteries and veins supplying with their blood too increase and act under skin.When in some days milk after the delivery starts arriving, the mammary gland increases even more.Any doctor will tell you that women even with unusually small mammary gland had quite enough milk.Whether it tires mother?Often women say that feeding by a breast tires.

How at you, mothers? To help

Arrived, mothers!Go down.Old friends, Susie and Michel, again instantly became friends and found out that at them still much in common.I need to come into the house and to look, whether it is necessary than to help mother, Michele slightly pogodya told.How at you, mothers?To help something?she asked, appearing in kitchen.Michel, what you do here?Come back to Susie, Ruth answered her.All right, Michele left, but in a few minutes under other pretext again it appeared near mother.

The further

Speaking thin, I mean that, at first sight, it is difficult to distinguish their sociopathic lines.Sociopaths know how it is necessary to arrive correctly, but actually it does not excite them.They do not have enough conscience, they do not test or nearly do not test repentance, alarm or fault.The further such people come in the sociopathy, the more firmly they are convinced that the evil created by them actually is good.Sociopathy it is especially thin it is veiled when the hidden purposes of their behavior are wrong, but the behavior thus seems correct until eventually the truth becomes clear.

He asked

When he eventually started talking to me about it, I could express the concern.I knew that now he to me will listen as itself it is interested.When it asked a question of an average lowest passing score in good colleges, I gave it in advance prepared catalog from a higher educational institution where his sister studied.He asked it, what GPA is necessary to arrive there.Having compared requirements to own estimates at the moment, he was shocked and told: It is similar to that I should go to work.

Whether we will

We employed the piano teacher for Ann and within several years sent her to camp for musically exceptional children.It such talented and beautiful.Whether we will be able to cope with what happened?Here Mary's voice interrupted and she burst out crying.Jim shrank on a chair and then began.I simply do not understand in what we were mistaken.Why to it there was it?Why she began to behave so provocatively?She gives a hostile reception to everything that Mary and I try to make for it.

In the article

Though, certainly, personal and public prejudices somewhat reduce its chances.In the article Klevenzher also quotes Berri Brazelton's words, one of the most famous and dear pediatricians of America: A huge difference one you raise the child or not.But even if you one, I nevertheless think, you can cope with it.It is simple to make it more difficult, and it is necessary to you hardly.To be the loner parent very much and very difficult because you should be at the same time both tutors, and the getter, the supporter of a family.

Now Randi

I advised these beautiful parents quietly, but firmly to explain to Randi that they want to see as soon as possible its independent and capable to make independent decisions.Now Randi and a half years, and till that time as he will become finally independent, remained only months surely change time in months so it will seem shorter.In only months he under the law will be considered as an adult, and after this time will be able pay attention, it is necessary to speak will be able, but will not be do not nonplus yourself itself to cope with the affairs, itself to earn to itself a living, to live separately from them, to itself to erase, prepare etc.

Most of children

Doctor Davies found out in the experiments that some children quite well ate with a spoon even about one year.But at excessively careful mother the child will not eat with a spoon even in years.Everything depends on when you give it the chance to try the hand.Most of children shows desire there is a spoon about a year and if do not disturb them, many of them can perfectly eat with a spoon without assistance by one and a half years.Preparation for independent feeding begins in months when the child eats, holding in hand cookies, bread or something else, then in months when you give it the food kneaded by a fork and he takes hands small slices and puts them in a mouth.

The doctor

If you try to milk to the child a little more, than he wants, you deprive of him appetite and by that slow down its growth.The premature child especially needs regular reception of vitamins.The doctor watches closely him not to pass symptoms of anemia as the premature child almost did not receive iron from mother.Any other precautions.The premature child can start be bathed in a tray after he reaches the weight of ,, kg.It as well as any other newborn, it is possible to submit for walk and to open a window in its room weighing , kg and air temperature + °.

It entered

Peg became silent.Glen sat, having hung the head, and waited that I will tell.Listen to me.I have to talk to Andy, and then all of you three will come to me to an office.Do not despair; we together will do everything possible to help it.Glen and Peg left, and I invited to myself Andy.It entered an office, shuffling the feet on a floor, and collapsed in a chair opposite to my table; his long, unkempt hair were a match for the washedoff, torn off jeans.Some minutes we spoke about different things, and then I brought Andy to conversation on drugs.

By years

If there is no close male friends, also the seller who simply smiles and greets the child will approach.By years and later still bigger it is important, what relations develop at the child with men.Both for the boy, and opportunity to happen in the company of men and the senior boys and to feel their proximity is necessary for the girl.The grandfather, the uncle, cousins, the teacher, old friends of the family or all of them can replace together taken to the father's child if they derive pleasure from society of the child and see it quite regularly.

The vaccine

Solk's vaccine prepared from poliomyelitis viruses helps an organism to develop own protective properties preventing a paralytic stage of a disease.But for this purpose some weeks are necessary.The vaccine will not help if the child already was in contact with the patient.Partial protection is provided by gamma globulin.But he acts only within several weeks because the organism of the child does not create it gamma globulin receive from blood of the adults possessing somewhat protective properties against this disease.

It almost

They began to show the attitude towards belief in everyday life.Before on the agenda there was a problem with Tod, they were the real Christians only on Sunday.To observe the similar dual attitude towards belief it is very unhealthy for children.It almost always leads to that they do not understand and do not accept spiritual installations of the parents.To correct the old, taken roots stereotypes, certain time is required, but Dzhonsona finally and irrevocably improvements of both the life, and life of children followed a way.

Mimic and articulation

, , corresponding to development of a plot.Suggest to call all characters of the fairy tale on names.Nastasia Petrovna, Mikhaylo Ivanovich, Mishutka, Mashenka.Mimic and articulation gymnastics.Suggest children to remember and tell about what character each character of the fairy tale the cheerful girl, the surprised Mishutka, angry Mikhaylo Ivanovich had.Suggest to consider heroes of the fairy tale in fig., a color insert.Suggest children to represent all characters of the fairy tale by means of bodies of the articulation device lips, language, cheeks, a jaw and a mimicry.

Perhaps, they

These feelings pass.Perhaps, they are intended by the nature for preparation of children's feelings to future role of the husband and the father, or the wife and mother.But the nature did not mean to give to this feeling such completeness and force that it lasted for the rest of life and even on all childhood.By years the child understands all futility of similar desires and focuses the interests on other: kindergarten, school, friends, surrounding people.The strong feeling endured by the child served to it useful service just as crawling prepared it for walking and ran low, being only a stage of its development.

But the true, bearing

We, parents, have to have such base to transfer to the children.But the true, bearing the world and rest value which each heart needs, It is.It the greatest secret and, at the same time.It is available to all.It gives strength in crisis situations and calms at the grief moments.It gives wisdom minutes of confusion and corrects when we are mistaken.It helped us with the past, promises to help and with the future.He directs us in any times, He is closer to us, than the brother.

But the main

Parents can help in many respects the child, doing with him these exercises of the house if the child wants and if parents can keep friendly mood.But the main task of parents to lift spirit of the child, help it with school lessons, to encourage it to lead more sociable life and to give it the chance to feel respect for itself and the authority on a family.Body temperature What temperature can be considered raised.First of all it is necessary to remember that at the healthy child temperature that increases a little, goes down depending on time of day and that, than the child is occupied.

It is more

The depression is the widespread reason of anger.There is a vicious circle.It is more difficult for people who are in a condition of a depression to control the anger.If it seems to you that the depression takes place in your feelings and behavior, it is necessary to ask for the professional help.Children sensitively react to a depression of parents.The parental depression can also become the reason of many problems in relationship of parents and children and negatively to be reflected in development of the child.

It is not excluded

Such mixed relation result of feeling of deep responsibility for destinies of our children.But if parents feel guilty for the intolerance in relation to one of children, it will be the reason of further complications in their relations with the child.It will be much heavier to child to transfer your sense of guilt before it, than your irritation is simple.Depression.It is not excluded that you quite often will come to despair at first after the child's birth.This very typical mood, especially at the first child.

But I entered

Having invited in a drawing room of the husband and fourteenyearold son, she suggested them to read these books aloud.You can imagine the fourteenyearold guy who will allow that mother read him books aloud?she asked.But I entered with it the transaction.Asked it to listen only minutes, then it can leave if wants.As the window was followed by snow and there was nothing to do more, it agreed.In minutes I told the son that he can go, but he remained.Well, time I here, wish to listen up to the end, he told, fidgeting on a chair.

Do not worry! Your

If the child suffers from an intellectual or physical defect, with such parents this shortcoming will not improve, and will be decupled by then when the child becomes an adult.It not such fragile as it seems to you.I am afraid to hurt it if I treat it incorrectly, young mothers so often speak.Do not worry!Your child is much stronger, than it seems to you.Be not frightened if his head by mistake sharply leans back back, to it it happens nothing.The open site of his skull is protected strong as tarpaulin, a film and it it is not so easy to damage.

They consider

They consider themselves worthless, unnecessary and unloved, it seems to them that they are outsiders and losers that anything it is impossible to them and that anybody does not love them.In this case they can have a thought that will be better if they die.Remember these warning signs!If your acquaintance: threatens to commit suicide; shows unexpected changes of mood; recently transferred a bereavement; distributes favourite things; puts affairs in order; it becomes aggressive, revolts, does not wish anybody to listen; lives on the verge of risk, does not take care at all; lost selfesteem that, perhaps, he considers thought of commission of suicide attempt.

When visit

Therefore they are compelled to attend the schools offering such type of training which is too difficult for people with violations of perception.When visit of schools was not obligatory yet, people with problems of perception could study in own way.I am fond of history.A few years ago I paid attention to one thing: many of our outstanding ancestors suffered from violations of perception.In this sense my favourite historical figure is Keith Carson.Being brought up in New Bellows to, I was captivated by its excellent achievements practically in all aspects of life of the th which proceeded in the conditions of continuous boundary war.

Is afflicted, becomes

Two, to threeyearold children there will be on forces socalled games the puzzles allowing to collect amusing pictures from two, and then and more details.The child can be strongly keen on game, sometimes even it is difficult to distract from it.Quietly carries out familiar actions.Is afflicted, becomes angry about the failures.In game and acts strives for independence, speaks thus: I.Starts watching with interest game of other children.Tries to imitate game actions of other child.

But the value

The firstclass schools which manage to interest children and to help them to feel full and useful members of collective, considerably reduce growth of irresponsible and criminal elements.But the value of such schools is even more brightly shown in other children who anyway did not become criminals, who find the place in society subsequently, become the best workers, conscious citizens happier in private life.Unless it not the best way to spend public funds?If the child badly studies Lag in study has many reasons.

If it does

I do not want to tell that you can allow the child to be extraordinary cruel with other children or that it is possible not to pay attention if the child is more senior is fond of cruel games and stories more, than other boys at his age.Excessive aggression needs to be constrained.If it does not give in to control, means it is necessary to look for its reasons.see section .Obscene words.Sometimes in years, but is more often in at children there is a period when they like to repeat curses.

We should

He tried to force them to think in own way, thus in some sense justified their behavior in their own eyes.We should not impose to the child the values, especially, if he is in teenage age.Only the unconditional love and aspiration to development of his personality will keep him from causeless irritation, and only in this case, having become the adult, he will want to adopt your values.Responsibility for its choice whether to follow your spiritual installations or not will lie on him.

One of the reasons

In just described situation you can talk about offense, pain, disappointment, anger, despondency, hatred and about all other feelings which your daughter could test.One of the reasons on which it needs to be done, is that thus you help it to put feelings into words, but not behavior.Transition from a rough manner of expression of anger to benevolent and polite will become the following step.In similar situations you can also help the child to cope with sense of guilt.There is a probability that the daughter will begin to criticize and accuse herself, in particular if it treats that category of people whom I carry to percent.

You cannot

The child who does not have enough love and caress, grows up cold and unsympathetic.Be not afraid to carry out desires of the child if they seem to you reasonable and do not do of you his slave.In the first weeks the child often cries, but on it always there is a reason: it can be hungry, the tummy can hurt it or he was tired, or was frightened.You cannot quietly transfer its crying and you want to console it is a natural feeling for mother.Perhaps, only all it is also necessary for the child that he was taken on hands, shook, resembled with it.

Ask children

Ask children to help you to retell the fairy tale to pronounce the small, repeating text pieces.Mikhaylo Ivanovich: Who supped from my cup?Nastasia Petrovna: Who supped from my cup?Mishutka: Who supped from my cup and everything vykhlebat?Mikhaylo Ivanovich: Who sat on my chair and shifted it?Nastasia Petrovna: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?Mishutka: Who sat on my chair and broke it?It is possible to increase quantity of tasks, having suggested children to help to retell the remained text of the fairy tale the repeating phrases about the crumpled bed, the shifted chair.

No, a wolf, I am afraid

There is a wolf, asks: About what you, Siyegurushka, cry?As to me not to cry!Girlfriends enticed me into the wood and left!Descend, I will carry you to the grandfather and the grandmother!the wolf speaks.No, a wolf, I am afraid of you, you eat me!The wolf left.And Snegurushka again began to cry, in clover: Ay, hey, Snegurushka!Hey, hey, my dear!At the grandfather, at the grandmother There was a granddaughter Snegurushka, Her girlfriends enticed into the wood, Enticed left!

Obesity is a serious

If, despite all your efforts, obesity does not pass or the child puts on weight too quickly, it is necessary to consult to the pediatrician and the psychiatrist.Obesity is a serious problem for any child.The diet has to be carried out under supervision of the doctor.At teenagers independently carried out diet can be come to a bad end.For example, the group of girls with enthusiasm swears to keep to some ridiculous diet about which they somewhere heard something.

As soon

WE WISH YOU SUCCESS!Wolf and kids Once upon a time there was a goat with kids.The goat went to the wood is a grass silk, to drink water ice cold.As soon as leaves kozlyatka will lock an izba and do not leave anywhere.The goat is turned back, will be knocked at a door and will start singing: Kozlyatushki, rebyatushka, Open, opened!Your mother came milk brought.Milk on a vymechka runs, From a vymechka on a kopytechka, From a kopytechka in cheese the earth!Kozlyatki will unlock a door and will let in mother.


At this age gives nothing rise of visit of kindergarten for development of the child.Continuous communication with other children in the conditions of kindergarten becomes useful from years for girls, from , years for boys.Draws.If already has skill of a continence of a pencil, by two years can repeat the horizontal or vertical line, and also the roundedoff line drawn with you.Teach the child to call that he draws.Likes to consider itself books with pictures accurately overturns according to one page fig.


An integral part of education is ability to let know to the child that it is accepted as the personality and always want to know that he feels: whether he is happy, is sad or annoyed.Therefore I speak to David: When you become angry, I want to know about it.Further you should praise the child that he arrived correctly.In a case with David I told: You showed me that is annoyed, and it is good.You did not vent the anger on the little brother or a dog.You were thrown by nothing and did not fight the head about a wall.

In the beginning

By the end go month of life there is a socalled complex of revival positive emotional reaction of the child in response to the tender address of the adult to him.To cause this complex, it is necessary to bend over the awake child lying on a back so that it recorded a look on your face.Minute another tenderly talk to the child and smile.In the beginning the child will look narrowly and listen, and then he will smile, pushes handles and legs and even, perhaps, will say some short sounds.Hearing.

Mary reddens

The initiative belongs to the father Fred completely provides a family, and him so respect.Mary reddens from confusion.It is so a shame to me that I have such strange feelings to it.I awfully become angry about it, then I gnaw myself as I feel the guilt.I try to share with it the feelings, to talk about children.It is unpleasant to it, he shuts me a mouth and gets savage.And I am upset to tears or itself I reach a white kaleniye, I try to state it everything in a face that I think of it.

It partly

He most likely will start arguing with the aggressor, at least the first some minutes.But all this time the child learns to transfer the violent feelings to game.He directs on you the toy gun and speaks: A bangbang, I killed you.It is not necessary to abuse it for it or to learn that it is bad.He already knows that it is impossible to hurt close people, but can unburden the heart in the form of game.It partly speaks why children love cruel stories.Moreover, the child playing war will be able to become the kind person rather, than what accumulates hostile feelings, in any way them without stating.

It is important

Really she thinks, what thus she proves, what she is good mother?Such selfsacrifice can result in other difficulties eventually.How to adjust the mode.It is important not to force the child to cry too long.He does not object that he was awoken in hours after the last feeding.Each child can get used to the mode and it will occur rather if mother helps it.Besides, intervals between feedings increase in process of increase in weight of the child.The child weighing from , kg to kg usually needs feeding with a hour interval, and usually feedings with a onehour break quite are enough for children weighing , kg.

Walk on snow

Take away a uvula for teeth and show, what they at you pure exercise We will clean the lower teeth.And now leave a uvula behind the lower teeth, close teeth, smile and start up a breeze the child proiznoksit: with with c.At you the lyubikmy sound of a snowman turned out.Give its pokslushay.The audio recording Snow creaks.Walk on snow and listen, as it creaks.Do a short step and say a sound with at the end of each my word: le., but., pu.

Do you have

Very seldom children who do not want to leave a pacifier and after years meet.Do you have to force to throw in this case the child to a nipple?I think, it would be unreasonable to take away it by force either not to give it, or to pretend that it lost when the child begs to give him a pacifier.I would not begin to become angry about the child or to tease him about it.In other words, the child needs to help to outgrow this habit, but a mistake it would be simple to take away from him a pacifier and to force it to suffer.

Mother tells

Mother tells me that relationship with the fourteenyearold daughter, until recently absolutely radiant, suddenly turned back the real hostility: Think, still a month ago the child sat at me on hands, we had no secrets!And yesterday she shouted to us with the father that us hates!.Since the earliest childhood the girl was silent, timid, lonely, remained everywhere on the tenth roles, hardly met with contemporaries.Stayed at home much and very slowly matured.

Link between

Such rough negative reaction, especially if it repeats not once, leads to that becomes more difficult for the teenager, and at times and it is simply impossible to come to parents behind emotional support.Link between them is broken, and the teenager will look for supports in other places, a thicket at the agemates.It is very dangerous, sometimes conducting to serious consequences situation!After all in this case the teenager can easily come under influence of the contemporaries, religious sects or unscrupulous people who are carrying away inexperienced children on criminal paths.

But if to resort

If we deal with children of more advanced age and teenagers, restrictions are more pertinent here.But if to resort to them too often, it can negatively be reflected in you, in particular if you forget that told or will find out later that it is impossible to insist on observance of the restrictions set by you.So you lose opportunity to control that occurs in a family and lose respect of your children.Use restrictions reasonably.Be convinced that the situation is rather serious to justify punishment.

Watch that

Spasms at the child frighten those who observes them, but in most cases they in itself are not dangerous.Usually they stop irrespective of, whether treatment was carried out.Call the doctor.But, if you have no opportunity at once to contact the doctor, do not worry.Usually spasms stop independently and the child falls asleep by then when the doctor comes.Watch that the child did not wound himself.If he bites language, part his jaws by means of a pencil.


Thus, during the period about monthly to monthly age the premature child quicker, than fullterm, passes the monthly stages of development described in the book.However by months of life deeply premature child will not catch up with the fullterm yet.Besides, the above described breakthrough in its development comes to an end, and it needs as early as the whole year to catch up with the fullterm child.Thus and on the second year of life deeply premature child still has unevenness of development of the main groups of skills: movements, mentality and speech.

Secondly, at the age of about

On it there are reasons.First, after years adenoides and almonds tend to decrease, and the sizes of a throat increase.Secondly, at the age of about years fabric of adenoides and almonds is restored more vigorously.Thirdly, and this main thing, operation can strongly frighten the small child and for a long time make it nervous.However, if there is an urgent need in operation, it has to be made.If special urgency is not present, it is better to do operation late spring or in the fall when diseases of a throat are more rare.

If you charge

Then mother in turn will ask council of the grandmother in case of need more willingly.If you charge the child to cares of the grandmother, whether it be at some o'clock or for two weeks, you have to agree in advance that she will not break your basic rules of education.For example, children will violently not force to eat, will not shame them for wet panties, will not frighten by militiamen or firemen.On the other hand, you cannot wait from the grandmother of strict performance of all of your principles of education as though your parents were your copy.

Mother puts

If such understanding did not develop independently in the course of daily communication, for education of this understanding it is possible to use game.For example, when collecting on walk it is possible to study accessory of things in passing.Mother puts on to the child the hat and speaks: My hat at Sasha, and the child laughs.Then she puts on to herself the head the child's hat, laughs and speaks: Mother put on Sasha's hat, that, naturally, even more ridiculously, including for the child.


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