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Mother tells

Mother tells Mother tells me that relationship with the fourteenyearold daughter, until recently absolutely radiant, suddenly turned back the real hostility: Think, still a month ago the child sat at me on hands, we had no secrets!

And yesterday she shouted to us with the father that us hates!


Since the earliest childhood the girl was silent, timid, lonely, remained everywhere on the tenth roles, hardly met with contemporaries.

Stayed at home much and very slowly matured.

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Link between

Link between Such rough negative reaction, especially if it repeats not once, leads to that becomes more difficult for the teenager, and at times and it is simply impossible to come to parents behind emotional support.

Link between them is broken, and the teenager will look for supports in other places, a thicket at the agemates.

It is very dangerous, sometimes conducting to serious consequences situation!

After all in this case the teenager can easily come under influence of the contemporaries, religious sects or unscrupulous people who are carrying away inexperienced children on criminal paths.

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But if to resort

But if to resort If we deal with children of more advanced age and teenagers, restrictions are more pertinent here.

But if to resort to them too often, it can negatively be reflected in you, in particular if you forget that told or will find out later that it is impossible to insist on observance of the restrictions set by you.

So you lose opportunity to control that occurs in a family and lose respect of your children.

Use restrictions reasonably.

Be convinced that the situation is rather serious to justify punishment.

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Watch that

Watch that Spasms at the child frighten those who observes them, but in most cases they in itself are not dangerous.

Usually they stop irrespective of, whether treatment was carried out.

Call the doctor.

But, if you have no opportunity at once to contact the doctor, do not worry.

Usually spasms stop independently and the child falls asleep by then when the doctor comes.

Watch that the child did not wound himself.

If he bites language, part his jaws by means of a pencil.

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