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If it does

If it does I do not want to tell that you can allow the child to be extraordinary cruel with other children or that it is possible not to pay attention if the child is more senior is fond of cruel games and stories more, than other boys at his age.

Excessive aggression needs to be constrained.

If it does not give in to control, means it is necessary to look for its reasons.

see section .

Obscene words.

Sometimes in years, but is more often in at children there is a period when they like to repeat curses.

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We should

We should He tried to force them to think in own way, thus in some sense justified their behavior in their own eyes.

We should not impose to the child the values, especially, if he is in teenage age.

Only the unconditional love and aspiration to development of his personality will keep him from causeless irritation, and only in this case, having become the adult, he will want to adopt your values.

Responsibility for its choice whether to follow your spiritual installations or not will lie on him.

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One of the reasons

One of the reasons In just described situation you can talk about offense, pain, disappointment, anger, despondency, hatred and about all other feelings which your daughter could test.

One of the reasons on which it needs to be done, is that thus you help it to put feelings into words, but not behavior.

Transition from a rough manner of expression of anger to benevolent and polite will become the following step.

In similar situations you can also help the child to cope with sense of guilt.

There is a probability that the daughter will begin to criticize and accuse herself, in particular if it treats that category of people whom I carry to percent.

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You cannot

You cannot The child who does not have enough love and caress, grows up cold and unsympathetic.

Be not afraid to carry out desires of the child if they seem to you reasonable and do not do of you his slave.

In the first weeks the child often cries, but on it always there is a reason: it can be hungry, the tummy can hurt it or he was tired, or was frightened.

You cannot quietly transfer its crying and you want to console it is a natural feeling for mother.

Perhaps, only all it is also necessary for the child that he was taken on hands, shook, resembled with it.

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Ask children

Ask children Ask children to help you to retell the fairy tale to pronounce the small, repeating text pieces.

Mikhaylo Ivanovich: Who supped from my cup?

Nastasia Petrovna: Who supped from my cup?

Mishutka: Who supped from my cup and everything vykhlebat?

Mikhaylo Ivanovich: Who sat on my chair and shifted it?

Nastasia Petrovna: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?

Mishutka: Who sat on my chair and broke it?

It is possible to increase quantity of tasks, having suggested children to help to retell the remained text of the fairy tale the repeating phrases about the crumpled bed, the shifted chair.

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