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Do not worry! Your

Do not worry! Your If the child suffers from an intellectual or physical defect, with such parents this shortcoming will not improve, and will be decupled by then when the child becomes an adult.

It not such fragile as it seems to you.

I am afraid to hurt it if I treat it incorrectly, young mothers so often speak.

Do not worry!

Your child is much stronger, than it seems to you.

Be not frightened if his head by mistake sharply leans back back, to it it happens nothing.

The open site of his skull is protected strong as tarpaulin, a film and it it is not so easy to damage.

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They consider

They consider They consider themselves worthless, unnecessary and unloved, it seems to them that they are outsiders and losers that anything it is impossible to them and that anybody does not love them.

In this case they can have a thought that will be better if they die.

Remember these warning signs!

If your acquaintance: threatens to commit suicide; shows unexpected changes of mood; recently transferred a bereavement; distributes favourite things; puts affairs in order; it becomes aggressive, revolts, does not wish anybody to listen; lives on the verge of risk, does not take care at all; lost selfesteem that, perhaps, he considers thought of commission of suicide attempt.

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When visit

When visit Therefore they are compelled to attend the schools offering such type of training which is too difficult for people with violations of perception.

When visit of schools was not obligatory yet, people with problems of perception could study in own way.

I am fond of history.

A few years ago I paid attention to one thing: many of our outstanding ancestors suffered from violations of perception.

In this sense my favourite historical figure is Keith Carson.

Being brought up in New Bellows to, I was captivated by its excellent achievements practically in all aspects of life of the th which proceeded in the conditions of continuous boundary war.

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Is afflicted, becomes

Is afflicted, becomes Two, to threeyearold children there will be on forces socalled games the puzzles allowing to collect amusing pictures from two, and then and more details.

The child can be strongly keen on game, sometimes even it is difficult to distract from it.

Quietly carries out familiar actions.

Is afflicted, becomes angry about the failures.

In game and acts strives for independence, speaks thus: I.

Starts watching with interest game of other children.

Tries to imitate game actions of other child.

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But the value

But the value The firstclass schools which manage to interest children and to help them to feel full and useful members of collective, considerably reduce growth of irresponsible and criminal elements.

But the value of such schools is even more brightly shown in other children who anyway did not become criminals, who find the place in society subsequently, become the best workers, conscious citizens happier in private life.

Unless it not the best way to spend public funds?

If the child badly studies Lag in study has many reasons.

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