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But the true, bearing

But the true, bearing We, parents, have to have such base to transfer to the children.

But the true, bearing the world and rest value which each heart needs, It is.

It the greatest secret and, at the same time.

It is available to all.

It gives strength in crisis situations and calms at the grief moments.

It gives wisdom minutes of confusion and corrects when we are mistaken.

It helped us with the past, promises to help and with the future.

He directs us in any times, He is closer to us, than the brother.

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But the main

But the main Parents can help in many respects the child, doing with him these exercises of the house if the child wants and if parents can keep friendly mood.

But the main task of parents to lift spirit of the child, i.


to help it with school lessons, to encourage it to lead more sociable life and to give it the chance to feel respect for itself and the authority on a family.

Body temperature What temperature can be considered raised.

First of all it is necessary to remember that at the healthy child temperature that increases a little, goes down depending on time of day and that, than the child is occupied.

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It is more

It is more The depression is the widespread reason of anger.

There is a vicious circle.

It is more difficult for people who are in a condition of a depression to control the anger.

If it seems to you that the depression takes place in your feelings and behavior, it is necessary to ask for the professional help.

Children sensitively react to a depression of parents.

The parental depression can also become the reason of many problems in relationship of parents and children and negatively to be reflected in development of the child.

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It is not excluded

It is not excluded Such mixed relation result of feeling of deep responsibility for destinies of our children.

But if parents feel guilty for the intolerance in relation to one of children, it will be the reason of further complications in their relations with the child.

It will be much heavier to child to transfer your sense of guilt before it, than your irritation is simple.


It is not excluded that you quite often will come to despair at first after the child's birth.

This very typical mood, especially at the first child.

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But I entered

But I entered Having invited in a drawing room of the husband and fourteenyearold son, she suggested them to read these books aloud.

You can imagine the fourteenyearold guy who will allow that mother read him books aloud?

she asked.

But I entered with it the transaction.

Asked it to listen only minutes, then it can leave if wants.

As the window was followed by snow and there was nothing to do more, it agreed.

In minutes I told the son that he can go, but he remained.

Well, time I here, wish to listen up to the end, he told, fidgeting on a chair.

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