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By years

By years If there is no close male friends, also the seller who simply smiles and greets the child will approach.

By years and later still bigger it is important, what relations develop at the child with men.

Both for the boy, and opportunity to happen in the company of men and the senior boys and to feel their proximity is necessary for the girl.

The grandfather, the uncle, cousins, the teacher, old friends of the family or all of them can replace together taken to the father's child if they derive pleasure from society of the child and see it quite regularly.

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The vaccine

The vaccine Solk's vaccine prepared from poliomyelitis viruses helps an organism to develop own protective properties preventing a paralytic stage of a disease.

But for this purpose some weeks are necessary.

The vaccine will not help if the child already was in contact with the patient.

Partial protection is provided by gamma globulin.

But he acts only within several weeks because the organism of the child does not create it gamma globulin receive from blood of the adults possessing somewhat protective properties against this disease.

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It almost

It almost They began to show the attitude towards belief in everyday life.

Before on the agenda there was a problem with Tod, they were the real Christians only on Sunday.

To observe the similar dual attitude towards belief it is very unhealthy for children.

It almost always leads to that they do not understand and do not accept spiritual installations of the parents.

To correct the old, taken roots stereotypes, certain time is required, but Dzhonsona finally and irrevocably improvements of both the life, and life of children followed a way.

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Mimic and articulation

Mimic and articulation , , corresponding to development of a plot.

Suggest to call all characters of the fairy tale on names.

Nastasia Petrovna, Mikhaylo Ivanovich, Mishutka, Mashenka.

Mimic and articulation gymnastics.

Suggest children to remember and tell about what character each character of the fairy tale the cheerful girl, the surprised Mishutka, angry Mikhaylo Ivanovich had.

Suggest to consider heroes of the fairy tale in fig.

, a color insert.

Suggest children to represent all characters of the fairy tale by means of bodies of the articulation device lips, language, cheeks, a jaw and a mimicry.

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Perhaps, they

Perhaps, they These feelings pass.

Perhaps, they are intended by the nature for preparation of children's feelings to future role of the husband and the father, or the wife and mother.

But the nature did not mean to give to this feeling such completeness and force that it lasted for the rest of life and even on all childhood.

By years the child understands all futility of similar desires and focuses the interests on other: kindergarten, school, friends, surrounding people.

The strong feeling endured by the child served to it useful service just as crawling prepared it for walking and ran low, being only a stage of its development.

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