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In the article

In the article Though, certainly, personal and public prejudices somewhat reduce its chances.

In the article Klevenzher also quotes Berri Brazelton's words, one of the most famous and dear pediatricians of America: A huge difference one you raise the child or not.

But even if you one, I nevertheless think, you can cope with it.

It is simple to make it more difficult, and it is necessary to you hardly.

To be the loner parent very much and very difficult because you should be at the same time both tutors, and the getter, the supporter of a family.

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Now Randi

Now Randi I advised these beautiful parents quietly, but firmly to explain to Randi that they want to see as soon as possible its independent and capable to make independent decisions.

Now Randi and a half years, and till that time as he will become finally independent, remained only months surely change time in months so it will seem shorter.

In only months he under the law will be considered as an adult, and after this time will be able pay attention, it is necessary to speak will be able, but will not be do not nonplus yourself itself to cope with the affairs, itself to earn to itself a living, to live separately from them, to itself to erase, prepare etc.

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Most of children

Most of children Doctor Davies found out in the experiments that some children quite well ate with a spoon even about one year.

But at excessively careful mother the child will not eat with a spoon even in years.

Everything depends on when you give it the chance to try the hand.

Most of children shows desire there is a spoon about a year and if do not disturb them, many of them can perfectly eat with a spoon without assistance by one and a half years.

Preparation for independent feeding begins in months when the child eats, holding in hand cookies, bread or something else, then in months when you give it the food kneaded by a fork and he takes hands small slices and puts them in a mouth.

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The doctor

The doctor If you try to milk to the child a little more, than he wants, you deprive of him appetite and by that slow down its growth.

The premature child especially needs regular reception of vitamins.

The doctor watches closely him not to pass symptoms of anemia as the premature child almost did not receive iron from mother.

Any other precautions.

The premature child can start be bathed in a tray after he reaches the weight of ,, kg.

It as well as any other newborn, it is possible to submit for walk and to open a window in its room weighing , kg and air temperature + °.

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It entered

It entered Peg became silent.

Glen sat, having hung the head, and waited that I will tell.

Listen to me.

I have to talk to Andy, and then all of you three will come to me to an office.

Do not despair; we together will do everything possible to help it.

Glen and Peg left, and I invited to myself Andy.

It entered an office, shuffling the feet on a floor, and collapsed in a chair opposite to my table; his long, unkempt hair were a match for the washedoff, torn off jeans.

Some minutes we spoke about different things, and then I brought Andy to conversation on drugs.

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