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But after

But after Therefore mother, so rigidly is so aggressive and unhappy and the father convinced is irreconcilably adjusted that the child mother because she was not engaged in it dismissed.

To hope for an embodiment of dream of the boy, on reunion of this collapsed family under one roof would be probably and really it is not realistic.

But after all it is possible to feel the community and living separately.

The boy needs both parents; he feels safe when they together when they are not at enmity, but unite even if and in alarm for its health.

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Usually When the child does not manage to satisfy his emotional hunger, the parent feels having the right to punish him.

The child abuse is extreme extent of shift of roles, but to some extent such shift is characteristic for all parents.

Usually it occurs when ourselves feel bad physically or emotionally.

It can be a depression, a physical indisposition, emotional or physical exhaustion.

At this time we do not have enough forces to give emotional support to the child.

In this it is especially difficult for us to look time, heavy for us, often to it in the face with love, to touch it with tenderness, to pay it close attention.

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Ask children

Ask children Before occupation put on a table of all heroes of the fairy tale a figure of desktop puppet theater.

Close them a beautiful scarf.

Sing a chicken song: Tototo!

Ask children who calls them.


Ask children to sing together with you a chicken song.

Suggest them to approach a table, imitating walking of a chicken wagging with wings.

Lift a scarf.

Ask children to consider the guests who hid under a scarf, to call them and to tell, from what fairy tale they came.

Ask children, whether the fairy tale about Ryabu's chicken is pleasant to them.

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It is difficult

It is difficult IT IS NECESSARY TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OWN ANGER In chapters and we said how it is not necessary to handle anger.

Now time came to talk about that, properly to handle it.

The first step is readiness to assume responsibility for the anger.

It is difficult because all of us are inclined to accuse someone or something that angered me and to dump them responsibility for the acts made by us in the angered state.

Unfortunately, most of people use anger as a justification of any act or property of character.

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Suggest Development of thinking.

Suggest to consider attentively the picture Tea table fig.


Ask the child to tell, what subject is not ware.

Suggest to close an excess subject a firtree paw.

Ask the child to call ware subjects in a word.

Ask for what each subject of ware is necessary a cup, a saucer, a teapot.

Suggest the child to explain why he so considers.

Global reading.

Put before the child a box with the cards corresponding to names of characters father, mother, Mishutka.

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