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There is a big difference

There is a big difference It will not be difficult for them to learn how to make Christ the center of the family relations.

Parents in such family should not resort to lectures and threats as children will want to follow the example of parents.

To that we teach our children In this book I devoted a whole chapter to how to accustom the child to discipline see below, here I want to consider a question how to teach children to distinguish kindly from the evil.

There is a big difference between discipline and education.

Accustoming the child to discipline, we pay the main attention to his behavior while bringing up it, we place emphasis on moral questions.

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Often orange

Often orange In this case transition from fresh to powdered milk as the more long the food cooks helps, the probability of an allergy is less.

When powdered cow's milk does not help, powdered goat milk can help.

Occasionally it is necessary to refuse in general the real milk and to pass to artificial, prepared from soybeans.

Often orange juice happens the reason of an allergy.

At strong eczema at the children receiving various food, the doctor on one excludes different products from a diet.

If eczema does not recover and proceeds in a heavy form, the doctor can define an irritant by means of injections of different types of food.

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Having made

Having made They drew such conclusion because their mothers and fathers were not strict with them at all and all allowed them.

Teenagers have to bear responsibility for the behavior.

Having made a good act, they have to feel on themselves its positive consequences and after behave incorrectly and irresponsibly, respectively negative.

These consequences have to be honest, direct and not depend because, what feelings at this moment storm in parents.

And again I will repeat that it is extremely important to parents to control myself.

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Thus try to say words

Thus try to say words.

It is necessary to tell simple words and phrases to the kid about everything that consider worthy his attention.

Thus try to say words distinctly, intonatsionno to distinguish from them main and minor.

It is desirable to build offers competently, differently the juvenile simulator will successfully master all your words parasites and popular speech, is unprofitable distinguishing informal conversation from the literary.

Start reading gradually to the child simple children's verses, watch that he listened to you.

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Fig. Try, find

Fig. Try, find Positively estimate work of children.


Try, find Fig.

Berries Fig.

Mashenka in a room Fig.

A box vykladyvaniye sample from calculating sticks Fig.

Mnemokarta Cat, rooster and fox In the wood in a small izba once upon a time there were cat yes a rooster.

The cat got up early in the morning, went shooting, and Petya cockerel remained the house to guard.

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