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However Thus, during the period about monthly to monthly age the premature child quicker, than fullterm, passes the monthly stages of development described in the book.

However by months of life deeply premature child will not catch up with the fullterm yet.

Besides, the above described breakthrough in its development comes to an end, and it needs as early as the whole year to catch up with the fullterm child.

Thus and on the second year of life deeply premature child still has unevenness of development of the main groups of skills: movements, mentality and speech.

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Secondly, at the age of about

Secondly, at the age of about On it there are reasons.

First, after years adenoides and almonds tend to decrease, and the sizes of a throat increase.

Secondly, at the age of about years fabric of adenoides and almonds is restored more vigorously.

Thirdly, and this main thing, operation can strongly frighten the small child and for a long time make it nervous.

However, if there is an urgent need in operation, it has to be made.

If special urgency is not present, it is better to do operation late spring or in the fall when diseases of a throat are more rare.

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If you charge

If you charge Then mother in turn will ask council of the grandmother in case of need more willingly.

If you charge the child to cares of the grandmother, whether it be at some o'clock or for two weeks, you have to agree in advance that she will not break your basic rules of education.

For example, children will violently not force to eat, will not shame them for wet panties, will not frighten by militiamen or firemen.

On the other hand, you cannot wait from the grandmother of strict performance of all of your principles of education as though your parents were your copy.

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Mother puts

Mother puts If such understanding did not develop independently in the course of daily communication, for education of this understanding it is possible to use game.

For example, when collecting on walk it is possible to study accessory of things in passing.

Mother puts on to the child the hat and speaks: My hat at Sasha, and the child laughs.

Then she puts on to herself the head the child's hat, laughs and speaks: Mother put on Sasha's hat, that, naturally, even more ridiculously, including for the child.

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