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In the beginning

In the beginning By the end go month of life there is a socalled complex of revival positive emotional reaction of the child in response to the tender address of the adult to him.

To cause this complex, it is necessary to bend over the awake child lying on a back so that it recorded a look on your face.

Minute another tenderly talk to the child and smile.

In the beginning the child will look narrowly and listen, and then he will smile, pushes handles and legs and even, perhaps, will say some short sounds.


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Mary reddens

Mary reddens The initiative belongs to the father Fred completely provides a family, and him so respect.

Mary reddens from confusion.

It is so a shame to me that I have such strange feelings to it.

I awfully become angry about it, then I gnaw myself as I feel the guilt.

I try to share with it the feelings, to talk about children.

It is unpleasant to it, he shuts me a mouth and gets savage.

And I am upset to tears or itself I reach a white kaleniye, I try to state it everything in a face that I think of it.

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It partly

It partly He most likely will start arguing with the aggressor, at least the first some minutes.

But all this time the child learns to transfer the violent feelings to game.

He directs on you the toy gun and speaks: A bangbang, I killed you.

It is not necessary to abuse it for it or to learn that it is bad.

He already knows that it is impossible to hurt close people, but can unburden the heart in the form of game.

It partly speaks why children love cruel stories.

Moreover, the child playing war will be able to become the kind person rather, than what accumulates hostile feelings, in any way them without stating.

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It is important

It is important Really she thinks, what thus she proves, what she is good mother?

Such selfsacrifice can result in other difficulties eventually.

How to adjust the mode.

It is important not to force the child to cry too long.

He does not object that he was awoken in hours after the last feeding.

Each child can get used to the mode and it will occur rather if mother helps it.

Besides, intervals between feedings increase in process of increase in weight of the child.

The child weighing from , kg to kg usually needs feeding with a hour interval, and usually feedings with a onehour break quite are enough for children weighing , kg.

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Walk on snow

Walk on snow Take away a uvula for teeth and show, what they at you pure exercise We will clean the lower teeth.

And now leave a uvula behind the lower teeth, close teeth, smile and start up a breeze the child proiznoksit: with with c.

At you the lyubikmy sound of a snowman turned out.

Give its pokslushay.

The audio recording Snow creaks.

Walk on snow and listen, as it creaks.

Do a short step and say a sound with at the end of each my word: le.

, but.

, pu.

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