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No, a wolf, I am afraid

No, a wolf, I am afraid There is a wolf, asks: About what you, Siyegurushka, cry?

As to me not to cry!

Girlfriends enticed me into the wood and left!

Descend, I will carry you to the grandfather and the grandmother!

the wolf speaks.

No, a wolf, I am afraid of you, you eat me!

The wolf left.

And Snegurushka again began to cry, in clover: Ay, hey, Snegurushka!

Hey, hey, my dear!

At the grandfather, at the grandmother There was a granddaughter Snegurushka, Her girlfriends enticed into the wood, Enticed left!

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Obesity is a serious

Obesity is a serious If, despite all your efforts, obesity does not pass or the child puts on weight too quickly, it is necessary to consult to the pediatrician and the psychiatrist.

Obesity is a serious problem for any child.

The diet has to be carried out under supervision of the doctor.

At teenagers independently carried out diet can be come to a bad end.

For example, the group of girls with enthusiasm swears to keep to some ridiculous diet about which they somewhere heard something.

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As soon


Wolf and kids Once upon a time there was a goat with kids.

The goat went to the wood is a grass silk, to drink water ice cold.

As soon as leaves kozlyatka will lock an izba and do not leave anywhere.

The goat is turned back, will be knocked at a door and will start singing: Kozlyatushki, rebyatushka, Open, opened!

Your mother came milk brought.

Milk on a vymechka runs, From a vymechka on a kopytechka, From a kopytechka in cheese the earth!

Kozlyatki will unlock a door and will let in mother.

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Continuous At this age gives nothing rise of visit of kindergarten for development of the child.

Continuous communication with other children in the conditions of kindergarten becomes useful from years for girls, from , years for boys.


If already has skill of a continence of a pencil, by two years can repeat the horizontal or vertical line, and also the roundedoff line drawn with you.

Teach the child to call that he draws.

Likes to consider itself books with pictures accurately overturns according to one page fig.

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Therefore An integral part of education is ability to let know to the child that it is accepted as the personality and always want to know that he feels: whether he is happy, is sad or annoyed.

Therefore I speak to David: When you become angry, I want to know about it.

Further you should praise the child that he arrived correctly.

In a case with David I told: You showed me that is annoyed, and it is good.

You did not vent the anger on the little brother or a dog.

You were thrown by nothing and did not fight the head about a wall.

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