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These poor

These poor We have with it difficulties, and we would like to receive council.

These poor parents usually misunderstand: interrelation between love and discipline; value of discipline.

Usually in representation of tutors and parents the love is separated from discipline as though it is two absolutely independent phenomena.

It is not surprising that parents have a confusion and complications in attempts to control behavior of the child.

The parents mixing such things usually consider that the discipline means punishment for some flogging.

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In them it is more

In them it is more Blankets.

The quantity of blankets depends on climate and a season.

Blankets have to be lungs.

It is best of all to use knitted woolen scarfs or an easy flannel.

In them it is more convenient to wrap the child and you will be able to put so many layers, how many it is necessary according to temperature.

In a frigid climate it is better to have purely woolen or synthetic blankets, as they the warmest and easy.

Flannelette diapers are not need, but in them it is convenient to wrap the child who always throws off a blanket or likes to sleep spelenuty see section .

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Get to yourself

Get to yourself But this method almost does not give effect.

The most certain way to provide sufficient humidity of air to maintain room temperature within °.

Then you should not care of humidity.

Buy the reliable room thermometer check its correctness.

Get to yourself the rule to look at the thermometer several times a day.

As soon as temperature rises higher than °, switch off heating system.

At first it will seem to you excess house care, but having lived within several weeks at a temperature of °, you will feel not very well in the room, where hot.

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The real

The real It is extremely important to study in detail all set of symptoms because one or two can not be the real depression.

The real depression is the biochemical and nevrogormonalny process which is usually slowly developing in an organism of the teenager and capable to last for weeks and months.

Before we pass to the characteristic of specific symptoms of a teenage depression, it is necessary to specify that it can be also expressed and typical symptoms of an adult depression, including feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, despondency or despair, problems with a dream drowsiness or sleeplessness, with appetite raised or lowered, with addition of weight or weight loss, shortage of energy, decrease in selfrespect, difficulty in management of anger.

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And other

And other Day through two after you will start giving porridge, it will become clear to you as your child treats it.

One children as if solve about themselves so: It something strange to taste, but nutritious and I will eat it.

In some days they absolutely get used to porridge and reach mouths for each spoon, as baby birds in a nest.

And other children the next day resolve that they will not eat it.

For the third day porridge is pleasant to them even less.

Be not upset!

If you try to force the child is porridge against his will, he will resist even more desperately.

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